Stop Creating Content One Piece at a Time

Staying on top of church communications and social media is challenging, especially when you’re not batch creating your content. This efficient approach involves producing and scheduling multiple pieces of content in one work session, rather than creating them individually when needed. Batch creating content allows you to dedicate a specific time to brainstorm, create, and […]

Engaging Your Church Members Through Social Media – Without Burning Out

So, you want to start or re-start engaging your church members through social media.   Great!  First, let me tell you a story that may sound familiar.   You have a Facebook Page already so you start there but you quickly realize something…Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest…the platforms to engage your members are seemingly endless.  […]

The Foyer Moved

Photo by Lisa Fotios from StockSnap

Typically, a church has greeters whose job is to make a good first-time guest experience. The pastors tell the congregation to greet people around them. When the church has ended, the same people meet for lunch at the same place every Sunday. The biggest complaint pre-Covid19 was consumerism in the church. Post COVID19, the online […]

Live Streaming Quick Start Guide [video]

livestreaming equipment list

With Coronavirus COVID-19, everyone has become an instant online video practitioner like it or not. Live streaming videos is one of the essential tools to reach your audience when they are all remote.  Whether using YouTube, Facebook Live, Livestream, Church Online Platform (ChOP), Stream Monkey, Living As One, or any of the other multitude of […]

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Digital Strategy

Social Media and Digital Strategy

With social media it is so easy to look at what other people are doing and to want what they have put in front of you.  They are taking trips, getting married, having beautiful kids who do such cute Instagram worthy things! #Goals right?!  But did you know the same thing can happen with businesses […]

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