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The hard and easy methods of church communication culture

Do you post your dress-code for Sunday morning on the front door of your church? Probably not. But I bet your church does have a dress code that falls somewhere between “Sunday Best” and “Street Clothes”. Did the leadership team sit down and work out the congregational dress code? Maybe they did a weekend retreat and studied deeply […]

Stop Creating Content One Piece at a Time

Staying on top of church communications and social media is challenging, especially when you’re not batch creating your content. This efficient approach involves producing and scheduling multiple pieces of content in one work session, rather than creating them individually when needed. Batch creating content allows you to dedicate a specific time to brainstorm, create, and […]

Why Your Church Needs a Website

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Whatever you decide to cut from your church’s budget, don’t let it be your website. Social Media is free. Websites cost. The higher cost is not having a website to crown your social media presence. Social media is where conversations happen. The website is what you own, like your church building. Or, if you are […]

Creating Content for Your Church Website—10 Ways to Utilize a Blog

Article featured image of computer on a desk with a cup of coffee and notepad

Introduction One struggle for a church is how to best utilize your website. While it may be tempting to launch your website, set it, and forget it, there’s so much more you can accomplish with your site. Sure, making sure your are visitor-focused is important. Having all of your church service times, mission, upcoming events, […]

Church Website Solutions 2019

As church communicators, we all agree that your church website is invaluable. It is probably the single most important communication your ministry will have. However, there is still one big question that keeps coming up: what are the best church website solutions? As you plan to make a new website or redesign the one you […]

Death to Cheesy Stock Photos

As long as there are church websites, there will be cheesy stock photos. “The wise will heed the information in this blog post while the foolish will continue to use cheesy stock photos” – 2 Opinions 4:8 All jokes aside, if you’re reading this, you probably find yourself under-resourced and under-funded. You know that your […]