Team Building Activities

Katie Allred

Team Building Activities

Katie Allred

In today’s blog, we want to feature a short, fun discussion that took place in the Facebook group. It’s about team building!

Kim Craig Ali asked:

“What was your favorite staff team-building exercise?”

The Answers:

“We did a service project and broke into teams of 3 or 4 and built bicycles that we donated to an organization for children. It became a bit of friendly competition.” Maureen Edelmann Mullally 

“We went and did an escape room together. It was an absolute blast! Sometimes it’s good to get away and have fun together.” April Bakula 

“Community Scavenger Hunt. We met some great people in the community. One lady said… ‘what church do you guys belong to? You all are fun!’” Ron Marston 

“A personality test resulted in an eye-opening understanding of one staff member that I didn’t get. He ended up becoming my best work friend. On the fun side: escape room! The newest, part-time staff member suddenly became way more valuable for her skills than the long-term, full-time ‘bosses.’ It was awesome to watch and be a part of!” Maureen Kelley Small 

“We had a chipmunk in the building. We chased it down, captured it, and released it back outside. Better than anything else we’ve ever done!” Hannah Speaker Myers 


Do stuff together as a staff! The people you work with could potentially become some of your best friends. Take the opportunity to cultivate those relationships, whether it be through an organized group activity or just day-to-day interactions. Be creative with team-building to strengthen your team.




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