The Best Color Schemes For Church Websites

Tyler Snook

The Best Color Schemes For Church Websites

Tyler Snook

Color schemes are perfect for when you want to enhance the look of your church’s website. Now, color alone is not going to make your website great. It isn’t going to make up for a poor website design. But what a color scheme can do is elevate the all around look of your church’s website.

Here are 2 popular color schemes that churches are using that you may want to look into:


The first color scheme that we are going to talk about is the monochromatic approach. This approach is where you use a theme color throughout your website along with grayscale colors to keep it nice and clean and professional.

Monochromatic color schemes are also great for emphasizing other design elements on your webpage. Speckle some of your chosen color in areas of importance to catch visitors’ attention.

The screenshots below are taken from Soul City Church, and they do a great job of taking a monochromatic approach with their website. You can see from the screenshots how they use this blueish picture and match it up throughout the website with grayscale backgrounds and text to provide you with a clean experience.

Color Palette

The next color scheme that we’ll talk about is the color palette approach. With this approach, you take inspiration from a color palette, and use the colors found there to populate your website.

There are an endless supply of color palettes already made that are just a search away, so if you are struggling to come up with your own, find one that’s already made and use it to your advantage.

The screenshots below are taken from Soco Church, and they have done a great job filling their website with three main colors; tan, light blue, and gray. These three colors, which can be found on a color palette, do a fantastic job of providing a warm and welcoming feel to the website.




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