Medi-Share: The Mattingly’s Story

Drew Fitzgerald

Medi-Share: The Mattingly’s Story

Drew Fitzgerald

The Mattingly’s Story

Mark and Tonya were looking for a great healthcare option that aligned with their beliefs and values, but was also cost effective. During their search for a great healthcare plan, Medi-Share just made sense. When trials came about unexpectedly, the Mattingly’s had security in what Medi-Share had to offer. The burden of medical expenses can cause such hardships in the lives of people everywhere. Thankfully, Medi-Share has a community of believers who stand together to be the hands and feet if Jesus. Just like in the Mattingly’s story, you too can be a part of the Medi-Share family.


The Conversation

Tonya: My husband’s a pastor, and we needed a medical plan for our family. And we found that Medi-Share was the most cost effective for us.

Mark: Medi-Share lined up with our values and what we believe as a family.

Tonya: We looked into all healthcare options, and Medi-Share made the most sense and was the most cost-effective for our family.

Mark: At first when I was looking into various health care options, I was a little skeptical because the cost was so low, and I realized that, are they really going to be able to support me and my family, especially having four sons, and my wife as well? And what I’ve realized over a period of time is that for me and my family, I don’t see any other option than Medi-Share.

Tonya: Each year, we do the research. We compare it to other health plans. And every year we come back to Medi-Share because it’s the best value for our family.

Mark: In the early church, in Acts, it talks a lot about like-mindedness and people living life together. And I realize that at Medi-Share that’s exactly what we do. People helping other people. At one point, we had two sons at home, my wife was expecting twins.

Tonya: Towards the end of my pregnancy, my husband ended up in the ER with a medical emergency and had to have surgery.

Mark: And, we had about $90,000 of expenses. But, we really had a peace about Medi-Share, the fact that not only after we paid our portion, the members came together and they shared the balance of that.

Tonya: It was just comforting to know that everything was taken care of with Medi-Share. And when we called in to them, that we had someone that cared and was praying for our family as we went through that time.

Mark: And, really took a huge burden off of our family. As a pastor one of the things that I value about Medi-Share, is that as members we get a say in what we share the cost in. And, one of the ways that the cost is kept very low is, the things that are not shared include abortion, and drug abuse, and alcoholism. And so I appreciate that, not only from a cost perspective to keep that down, but also from a values perspective.

Tonya: It’s really neat to see the Christian community come together and help take care of each other’s medical needs.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for watching the Mattingly’s Story. This is just one of many families whose lives have been changed by Medi-Share.




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