The Power in a New Beginning

Ryan Wakefield

The Power in a New Beginning

Ryan Wakefield

There’s something that feels so significant and promising, even sacred about January 1st. It’s the magic of the blank slate, the fresh start.

What if you could start completely over, today?  

What would you do differently? What changes would you make? What ideas would you be brave enough to try? 

There’s something powerful in A New Beginning

Listen, we all know this season in ministry has been tough–and some have given up. Even more are thinking about throwing in the towel.  If you’re feeling discouraged or isolated, you’re not alone!  

But!  In spite of everything, we truly believe that building God’s Kingdom is the single most important calling for which we can dedicate our lives. If you do, too, then giving up is not an option for us. 

So, how do we do ministry in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable, and- dare we say it- fun? Yes, It is possible. 

Will you join me in choosing to look at the optimistic side of the season we are in? Will you commit to flipping the script? What if we look at this moment in ministry not as an end to our dreams, but a chance at a new beginning?

And if this is truly a chance at a new beginning, then what do we have to get right this time? 

That’s the conversation we are going to have at this years’ Church Marketing Conference. We’re not going to overwhelm you with 150 sessions filled with ideas that will leave your team more overwhelmed than when you began. We’re going to have a conversation about the 7 essentials we have to get right moving forward. 

So buckle up and begin asking God to speak to your heart. Claim your spot, and invite your team. We are believing God is going to do great things. 

It’s time to dream again!




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