The Top Social Media Trends For Churches

Katie Allred

The Top Social Media Trends For Churches

Katie Allred

Social media has been and is one of the biggest communication shifts ever. Naturally, it is important that our churches follow suit, and stay up to date with the latest trends on social media. 


To make things a lot easier, and to save you research time, I’m going to share with you the top current social media trends for churches.


Publish Fewer Posts


Social media platforms have become so filled with people over the years that it is becoming harder and harder to reach individuals. Especially with the recent pandemic, everyone’s attention was directed even more to the online world. People’s social feeds are so busy nowadays that a basic post is not going to stop their scroll.


The idea here is that simple social media posts are not going to cut it anymore. People need something that is going to stop their scroll, so focus a lot more on the quality of your content, and less on the quantity of your content. This is how you are going to reach more people with the love of God.




TikTok has grown massively in popularity within the last year and there are no signs of stopping it. Even with Instagram’s release of Reels, TikTok continues to gain momentum. 


While platforms like Instagram and Facebook have seemingly reached their peak in terms of reaching people, TikTok has only just begun, and getting onto the platform is a must at this point.


Another reason to get on TikTok as soon as possible is that it’s not as filled with people as Instagram and Facebook, thus making it a lot easier to reach a larger group of people.


Carousel Posts


Carousel posts are an extremely popular type of post everywhere, and your church should be using them too. Not only are carousel posts a fun format, but they are also extremely useful for sharing wisdom, and educating people on different topics.


Carousel posts will be some of your most popular content and can be used on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


Highlight People


Nothing captures people’s attention quite like people. Posts with people in them seem to stop the scroll more than any other post.


Use this to your advantage. Highlight your church leadership. Highlight people in your church family. Highlight volunteers. 


Not only will this stop the scroll, but it also gives your church members and visitors a chance to see what is going on in the lives of people within your church.




Trends on social media are ever-changing, and it’s important that you stay up-to-date with what is currently popular and what isn’t. The content listed above is what is currently trending, so use the ideas above to your advantage and reach the people of this world with the love of Christ.




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