Three Reasons to Have a Website

Kenny Jahng

Three Reasons to Have a Website

Kenny Jahng

Would you go on a trip without a GPS?
Would you go to the store without a grocery list?
Would you build a house without a blueprint?
You probably answered “no” to these questions. We all like to be prepared and have
information before we tackle a job.

Your church’s website is no different. It allows people to learn more about your church and its
ministries before their first visit. It also gives information to church members and non-
members alike.

An Important Tool for Visitors

Your church’s website is an important tool for visitors and community members. Visitors can
get a preview of what to expect when visiting your church. Visitors appreciate getting to know
the pastor and staff online before they meet in person. This can give visitors the confidence to
visit your campus and allow them to avoid surprises. They will be familiar with your church and
its ministries before they step on campus.

Promote Involvement

A website also allows members to get more involved in ministry. Being able to access
information about different ministries gives members the opportunity to find ways to serve
that best fit with their spiritual gifts. Many websites also have a “How can we pray for you?”
feature. Your church can have the honor of praying for needs that may not have been shared in
person. Having different ministry opportunities listed in one place allows members to get an
overall picture of your church’s mission.

Providing Information

Getting information through an online platform is the norm now. People appreciate having a
“one-stop”, convenient way of staying informed about your church’s activities. People have an
easy way to sign-up for events and activities for their entire family. This also helps the staff and
volunteers be more prepared for each event or class by knowing how many people will be
participating and prepare for them.


It is definitely worth the effort to create a website for your church. It benefits not just
members, but prospective visitors, as well. It can seem overwhelming to create and maintain a
website, but it doesn’t have to be. We are here to help you!




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