Tips for Finding a Work-Life Balance

Hannah Didier

Tips for Finding a Work-Life Balance

Hannah Didier

Life can be hectic. I get it. Between work, life, kids, school, church, whatever it may be, there’s usually something that always needs to be done. Especially in ministry, it can be hard to create a balanced lifestyle with congregation members and volunteers needing a listening ear or questions answered. But where’s the line? As a leader, you never want to seem closed off to your team. So here are 4 tips for finding a work-life balance.


Have Set Hours- Stick to Them

It’s easy to say you’re done working for the day, then remember all the tasks you didn’t finish. Before you know it, you’ll be working late every night, missing quality time with your family or friends. So set hours for yourself and do your very best to stick to them. Your well-being matters. Your time is valuable. Don’t fall into the trap of things can’t wait, which leads to the next point.


Prioritize Your Tasks

Let’s be honest, working as a ministry leader sometimes requires doing the jobs of three people, maybe more. Therefore, at any given time, you could have sixty, seventy, a hundred tasks. Prioritize them. Which tasks need to be done first. I utilize the Eisenhower Matrix, which separates tasks into four categories:

Urgent and important-do it now.

Important not urgent- decide when to do it.

Urgent not important- Find time to do it eventually or delegate it

Not important, not urgent- don’t do it


Use Your Strengths

Everyone can’t be good at everything, and that’s okay. Find what you excel at. Find your strengths, recognize them, use them. Then, surround yourself with people who excel at your weaknesses. You can’t be all things to all people. So say yes to tasks that fit your strengths and delegate tasks that may be your weaker areas. 

I know. I understand it may not always be possible to surround yourself with a great team to fill in gaps. You may need to have an honest conversation with leaders in those moments and realize you can’t be everything to everyone. 


Learn from Others

There is no better way to learn about creating a balanced life than to glean wisdom from those that have implemented it in their own lives. If you’re a woman in ministry and are struggling to find that rhythm in life- I would encourage you to sign up for the online “She Leads Church 2021” virtual event on March 3-4, 20201. It’s a summit designed specifically for women in church leadership, focusing on helping women become part of a community, become a better church leader, and become who they are called to be. 



It’s hard to find balance. But you are capable. You matter. It’s not selfish to take time for yourself and your family. Find a rhythm that works for you, and stick to it. The first step is always the hardest, but I believe in you. Now use the tips for finding a work-life balance and create a balanced life to help make life a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable.




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