Tips for Launching an Online Campus

Katie Allred

Tips for Launching an Online Campus

Katie Allred

With the help of the internet, local churches can grow and expand their reach beyond their walls. Not only do churches have the potential to build and expand an online community by having a strong digital presence, but it will also help them grow their local congregation. So here are some resources and tips for launching an online campus. 

In the virtual world of the internet, an online campus is an immersive and interactive church experience. Numerous churches have commenced their own and are continuously changing lives through this platform. Maybe you’re wondering how to launch an online campus? What things do you need to prepare and obtain to create a successful one? Here are some resources that could help you first before launching your church’s online campus.

A website that offers multiple blogs containing tips that will educate you on launching your church’s online ministry. 


Church Online Podcast

A podcast made by DJ Chuang, Kenny Jahng, Jennifer Miles, and Jason Morris about the current and future digital ministry. With episodes that could help you, you begin your online campus.



A site that provides many resources regarding strategies to revolutionize your online church platform: they post their interviews with church leaders and ministry experts from around the country.



A group of church planters that helps hundreds of leaders start new churches. They are also providing resources for people to create their online campus successfully.


James River Church

Provides tips on how to build a great website for your online campus. As well as other tips on how to operate one among many other resources.


RightNow Media

They offer a course exclusively about online church, with audio resources lasting from 26 minutes to an hour. 


Prestonwood Network

Delivers resources to encourage church leaders to revitalize their churches, posting numerous articles that offer ways to establish and improve your online campus ministry.

Open network offering free resources and training to operate and strengthen churches, including online campus ministries. They also have apps that could help with church management.



Your church needs to nurture people in the different stages of their path of faith. An online campus creates new ways to do precisely that. And when you embrace the idea of the online campus, you massively increase the chances of keeping people interested in pursuing a life with the Lord. Do not wait if you’ve been thinking of building an online campus. Utilize these tips for launching an online campus. You will be shocked at what God can do for your church, launch it as soon as possible, and allow yourself the freedom to learn as you go.




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