Tips to Give Your Website a Fresh New Look

Kenny Jahng

Tips to Give Your Website a Fresh New Look

Kenny Jahng

There’s nothing better than going through your home and decluttering.  After a thorough cleaning out and a trip to the local donation center, your home just feels better.  Everything is right where you need it and easy to find.  Let’s face it – your home just looks neater, more organized, and is more functional.  The same is true for your website!


It is time to take back your website and update it with current trends. Here are some helpful tips to inspire you to work on your church website.


Websites are trending toward minimalism.  Minimalism allows users to focus on what is important.  It also helps avoid distractions.  It allows your website to do more with less.  You can improve your website experience by changing your layout, using videos, and creating a helpful footer.


A minimal website makes your website look up-to-date and modern.  This means clearing away the clutter that really doesn’t matter.  Make sure to include the information that counts most such as location, service times, and online sermons.  A minimal website gives you the opportunity to incorporate more white space.  It also allows you to use larger graphics and images to capture the attention of the people visiting your website.  

Layout Change

You might want to consider using a new layout.  You may find yourself rearranging your content so that it is more appealing and easier for users to use and find what they are looking for.  Some common layouts found on modern websites are single-column, split-screen, three boxes, full-screen images (great for a home page), and a fixed sidebar.  A quick search online will allow you to see examples of these layouts.  Make sure you choose the design that is perfect for your church.


Remember, white space (negative space) is a great way to give your website a fresh new look.  The advantage of using white space is that it allows the content of your website to stand out.  Rather than looking cluttered and crowded, your website looks clean and easy to navigate.  It makes it easier for the user to interact with your website and find the information they are looking for.  It also allows you to showcase the content that you want people to see on your website.   Don’t be afraid to discard content that is not essential to your website. 

Utilize Video

Videos and animations make your website more functional and visually interesting for the website users.  Try incorporating videos to replace lengthy texts.  This allows website guests to retain more information.  Videos are an appealing way to get your information across.  Many studies have shown that the use of short video clips allows for more efficient processing and memory recall.  


Just remember, sometimes less is more.  Don’t overuse videos and animations. 

Create A Helpful Footer 

Utilize your footer to its fullest extent.  A footer doesn’t have to be just a place at the bottom of the page.  Use it to make a second menu for your website.  The user will appreciate not having to scroll back up to the top of the screen, increasing the ease of use for your website.  You can include your church’s location, contact information, blog links, social media links, and other links that are important to your church. However, keep it simple! Make sure to only include helpful information. You don’t want to make the footer look or feel clunky. 


Now is the time to give your website a fresh new look.  Modernizing and cleaning up your website sends the message that your church is up-to-date and relevant.  Don’t let a cluttered website send the wrong message to the people who visit.  What changes will you incorporate to improve your website?  Let us know!



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