Tools Every Communicator Needs

Hannah Didier

Tools Every Communicator Needs

Hannah Didier

There are a bunch of factors to consider on what makes a good communicator. Such as knowing how to be connected with their team, having an organized communication system, and coming up with ways to reach out to their congregation. However, these are all possible to deliver nowadays, with technology and a communication leader’s good management skills. But with thousands of solutions available in the market, it could be tough to figure out what is worth your time. There are also these mainstream messaging apps and other management tools that could be unreliable and bothersome. But no need to worry. We’ve consolidated a list of tools that every communicator needs to help you become the best you can be. 



Slack is a sleek organizational communication tool for teams and groups. It has tons of features to keep your team in touch and effortless to use. One of Slack’s strong points is its app integration features, where you can integrate thousands of apps into your team’s workflow. Slack is used by companies and businesses worldwide and is highly recommended by professionals.



Discord, a chat and voice-chat platform that enables super-low latency calls and messaging, is great for establishing an announcement board, instant calls, and communication in sermons or service. Also available on most mobile devices, Discord supports live streaming, multiple voice calls, and bot integration for commands and restrictions. 



Simple yet very easy to use, share files, and organize events and teams.

Trello is an organizational tool that is very simple and easy to use. With its board and card design, information, attachments, and details can be easily seen and added. Trello also has many neat features like automation and app integration of your favorite productivity apps. 


Text in Church

Text in Church is a communication platform that helps church leaders increase their connection with members and guests. Allowing app integration between other favorite services like Planning Center, Church Community Builder, and Mailchimp to make communicating seamless. Text in Church helps churches follow-up with guests and members’ concerns, making newsletters and announcements easier to be spread. 



Handbrake may not be a communication tool, but it can help you deliver your videos and clips faster. With Handbrake, you can compress videos into smaller file sizes without much loss in quality. Now you can upload and share those clips of services and sermons much quicker! 



A good communicator has a good workflow, and that is what Basecamp helps accomplish. Basecamp is a project management and communication tool which allows you to connect with your team and members. It gives you the ability to assign To-Do tasks, post on message boards accessible by all or select people, a group chat for constant communication, and a project timeline for organizing your team’s workflow for upcoming projects.



Used by transportation companies worldwide, Voxer is a walkie-talkie app that allows real-time recording and transmission of voice messages. Voxer is especially useful for events and services where the staff or the production team must keep continuous contact. Constant communication, it’ll make your services much smoother and worry-free!



Monday is a communicational and productivity app that helps plan, track and execute your team’s projects. With a flexible workspace, in-depth customization features, and automation features, Monday keeps your team in tip-top shape and speed.



Be able to connect to the elderly and those without high-speed internet connection with PhoneLiveStreaming. PhoneLiveStreaming is a streaming service where they convert your live stream into the same signal available on the local phone. Members or guests, especially the elderly, can now listen to those live services or events and won’t miss out! PhoneLiveStreaming records the live event audio, so other users who missed the live can still listen and catch up.



OBS is a recording and live-streaming application used by streamers and content creators worldwide. It allows direct streaming to different sites, including Facebook, and has many features for recording. With OBS now, you could record those sermons and events or stream them from your local church.

Planning Calendar

While this one may seem a little obvious, it’s most definitely worth mentioning. Having an old-school calendar you can physically write on is one of the must-use tools that every communicator needs. It not only allows your team to see what is planned out for the coming weeks or months, but it can also help communicators plan the best way to communicate with the congregation while looking at the big picture. Church Communications designed a calendar for this very purpose! It features:

  • Calendar spans 12 months: January – December 2021 (no surprise here)
  • Tall orientation on one side, wide orientation on the other
  • Larger boxes than most calendars, more space for writing (thus more time! we all need that!)
  • Weeks start with Sunday
  • Minimal vertical lines reduce “chart junk” and emphasize your deadlines (trust me, it’s cool)
  • 27″ x 39″
  • Includes major U.S. holidays and helpful reminders of important dates in the church calendar

You can learn more about this calendar by clicking here.  


The examples above are great tools every communicator needs for easing your workflow, allowing you to focus more on communicating and connecting with your team and church members. Most of them are available on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, so you’ll have no issues setting them up and applying them to your tasks. 


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