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Top 10 Questions asked in the Church Communications Facebook Group

If you’re not already a member of the largest Church Communications group on Facebook, join the party here!

We’ve found that many new members have a lot of similar questions. Many of these questions have been covered by experts in the Church Communications space, or by Christian entrepreneurs that have experience helping churches get the answers they need.

To streamline your experience and jumpstart your learning, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 questions asked in the Church Communications group. Click the link below any question to go straight to the question thread and continue the conversation, or ask any clarifying questions you have!

Side note: these are in no particular order or importance. Please feel free to ask any questions about church communications in the group!


Apps for Churches:

Click here for current threads

Thread topics include: whether or not churches are seeing benefits from having an app, what kind of information is included in an app, what features are being used and discussions about the benefits from multiple different providers.


Church Website Design tools: WordPress vs. Squarespace

Click here for current threads

While there are many tools available for designing websites, these 2 seem to stick out as the options that most people are considering.


Social Media Scheduling tools:

Click here for current threads

Thread topics include: What tools are being used for which platforms, what is the price point, is there a discount for non-profits and what features can’t you live without.


Free Stock Photos:

Click here for current threads

While has been a go-to for free stock photos since it launched a few years ago, it also has been EVERYONE’s go-to, so some ‘unsplash’ photos have started to become recognizable. The thread covers many options for stock photo sites, along with how and when to use them.

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Online Giving:

Click here for current threads

Thread topics include: comparisons of providers, website landing pages, communicating giving options online, and how to introduce online giving at your church if you haven’t offered that before.


Volunteer Scheduling Software:

Click here for current threads

Thread topics include Online software, spreadsheets, effectiveness, and timelines for scheduling volunteers across multiple teams and services.


Stage Announcements and Video Announcements:

Click here for current threads

Thread topics include: What to announce, how long is too long, video announcement examples and setup, and how to write a script.



Click here for current threads

Thread topics include: Stage design supplies, giving envelopes, print collateral (bulletins, business cards, brochures, etc) logo’d swag and t-shirts.


Gifts for first-time guests:

Click here for current threads

Thread topics include: What do you budget per guest, what is included in your gift, where do you order those logo’d items, and what information is included along with the gift.


Text Message Solutions:

Click here for current threads

Thread topics include: Providers and costs, comparisons of features, how different churches are using text services to serve their members and guests.


BONUS: Do you ever mess with pictures in photoshop just for fun?

Click here for current threads (warning: this might be all you do today…)

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