Top 3 Social Media Solutions for your Church

Katie Allred

Top 3 Social Media Solutions for your Church

Katie Allred

Maintaining a presence on social media is one of the hardest and yet most important things things that churches should do in 2019. And it will only become more important in the future. With so much happening online, how can your church use social media effectively to point people to Christ? You don’t have to figure it out alone. Here we have three great solutions for coordinating your church’s social media presence:

Church Butler

First off is Church Butler. Church Butler is a great tool to help your church take on social media. It gives you access to daily graphics and videos and its concierge service allows you to schedule posts on various platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It can even coordinate an email list for your first time guests. Church Butler is a smart way to save your church time on social media.


Next is Buffer. Buffer is another great tool that can help your church coordinate its social media activity. Buffer gives you a dashboard where you can plan and keep track of posts with your team. You can workshop ideas, draft content, and schedule when and where you want posts to go live. Launching and maintaining a social media campaign is no easy task, but Buffer can make it a lot easier.


Lastly, CoSchedule is a platform that aims to integrate all of your marketing. Its Marketing Suite package is designed for businesses and can also be great for your church. It helps you manage your content, daily agenda, and scheduled posts. It’s a great tool that can make your work a bit more manageable.


There you have it! Those are three solutions that can help your church navigate the intimidating world of social media. It’s a critical avenue to reach your community with the Gospel, so if your church doesn’t have an online presence, pick up one of these tools and give it a shot!




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