Using the 5 Love Languages to Appreciate Your Volunteers

Kenny Jahng

Using the 5 Love Languages to Appreciate Your Volunteers

Kenny Jahng

This is the season for love and what better way to show love through the 5 Love Languages

Volunteer individuals are so important in making a kingdom impact as they provide their talents and gifts. We are here to share some practical ways to let your volunteers know you are honored to work with them and grateful for all their help as you work together to share the gospel week after week.


A note goes a long way. 

Words of affirmation can go a long way in a note or card. Write your volunteer a personal note of gratitude as you thank them for their service. Be sure to include specific examples where they better the team, go the extra mile, or a time they delivered creative ideas in a pinch. Our team likes to send out encouraging notes via Postables! Show them how vital their role is in your ministry and how their unique giftings are being shared in the body of Christ.


Serve the servant. 

Depending on your ministry needs, volunteers may serve week after week in different capacities. These volunteers can worship in their work, but also may miss sitting in the service and not having an active role at times. What better way to serve them by giving them a day off! Be intentional as you look for volunteers to serve in different capacities during worship or during the week. Keep the rotation or schedule up to date, to avoid burnout and utilize a variety of help. This may not be as easy if you are in a smaller ministry or church. As you find ways to serve your volunteer, consider jumping in for them one week and doing their job for them by running the sound board or taking care of the lights. 


Whether your volunteers help during the week or on the weekend, everyone loves food. What better way to provide a gift than bringing a coffee, breakfast, or snacks to show your volunteers how much you value them AND encourage a little fellowship before serving! Ask them to come a little early and enjoy the community a little nourishment can bring to the body and the soul. Don’t feel like you need to go ALL OUT on this. Coffee from a local coffee shop or a few muffins from a local bakery can go a long way in showing gratitude (and supporting your community)!


Time well spent. 

Volunteering takes time to train and serve, but what about the off time? How can you build a community of discipleship and encouragement in the ‘off season?’ Find ways to engage with your community and others as you serve alongside each other. Maybe find one day a month to get together just to hang out and do life together. Maybe create a Facebook group to engage online as you share tips and new ideas as a creative community. Check out the Church Communications Facebook Group as you engage with others in this ministry!


High five! 

When your volunteers first show up, make sure you are already in place to greet them with a high five, fist bump, or a friendly smile and wave, as you begin working together. Going the extra mile by showing up early and being available shows you are ready for the day and are excited to jump into work TOGETHER! Nothing like starting off the day on the right foot as you work as a team to find solutions and serve together in the mission of sharing the gospel.

Whatever context you are leading in whether you are a lead volunteer or someone on staff we hope these helpful tips will help you stay engaged and care for your fellow team members as you serve the church together.



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