Ways Technology Can Improve Your Thanksgiving

Kenny Jahng

Ways Technology Can Improve Your Thanksgiving

Kenny Jahng

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What are you thankful for? You might have already started hearing this question asked around or seen it on a sign somewhere. You might say, I am thankful for my house, my loved ones, my animals, etc. Truth is, there’s so much in this world to be thankful for. 


I want to narrow this list down just a bit and focus on one big game changer that I am truly thankful for, especially around this time of year: technology. Imagine trying to organize thanksgiving dinners with family, finding a good stuffing recipe, putting together church activities with your ministry team, and other church-related projects without the technology we have today. With today’s technology, we can do things more easily and much faster.


Technology can help you easily complete tasks, organize events, and so much more within your church ministry. You’ll definitely be putting technology on your thankfulness list this year! 


Email: A Faster, Easier Way

Email has been one of the most well-known means of communication for a long time. It is a way to send out digital flyers to every member of a church about an event, to send group notifications to a church team, and to talk back and forth with one or more people about a project. As well, it is a great way to reach out to other companies to help with your church’s holiday activities. Whether you’re renting something for a church fall festival or wanting to email a potential guest speaker. Emailing is definitely something worth being thankful for.


Charitable Contribution Sites

If your ministry is looking to contribute to a cause this holiday season charitable contribution sites are a good way to easily access various organizations to give to. There is so much to be thankful for, that we sometimes forget there are those who have less and are in need.



A great way to show the people in your ministry, church team, or family that you’re thankful for them this thanksgiving is with E-cards. They are non-paper, fully digital cards that you can send to people with messages and pictures! It is also a time saver. The holiday season can be very busy for a lot of people, so Ecards can help with that! Sometimes it is just nice to show others just how much you truly care for them. 


Digital Calendars

Digital calendars can be on your phone and computer, and most of them are synced. If you put something on your phone calendar, it will also show up on your computer! You can also set helpful reminders for yourself. Let’s say you have a church activity at seven on Tuesday, then your phone can send you a quick notification reminding you of it whenever you want to be reminded! On most digital calendar platforms, you can invite others to see your calendar. This way, your church team knows who is doing what, and when.


Social Media: A Further Reach

With Social Media, you’re able to reach people on a platform that can potentially reach more and more people than you would’ve originally thought. With having the opportunity to influence and share the Good News with others on social media, you can post things about your ministry, and will be able to spread the joy of thankfulness to people around your community and the world! As well, social media is a fantastic way to spread the word about your events, activities, and other church-related information by posting reminders on social media.



Whether you’re needing to reach your congregation reminding them of holiday events with an email, or sending out E-cards to your church team telling them how much they mean to you, we definitely can be thankful we have the technology to help make this all possible. Whatever it is that you have planned for your ministry this holiday season, technology has a way to make it more efficient for you, your team, and your church ministry. 


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