Ways to Communicate Positivity

Katie Allred

Ways to Communicate Positivity

Katie Allred

We all have experienced suffering at least once in our life, and when we are experiencing it, we have no idea how to handle it. Some of us question God, become depressed, or draw away from everyone completely. There are ways to deal with challenging times. Here are some ways to communicate positivity.


Prayer heals. In times like this, we all need healing – emotionally, physically, and mentally. This pandemic has affected us in more ways than we anticipated. People who did not contract the virus, but have stayed at home have changed daily routines, which caused us to feel a little off-balance in life. These disruptions affect emotional and mental health. We can heal by praying. 

Empowering Words

As a pastor who speaks in front of a crowd dealing with their own personal problems, it is good to include in your sermon empowering words that can lift their spirits. Words that would give them hope in the days to come. Empowering words such as hope and the promise of Christ are great encouragers.

Sharing Experiences

One of the best ways to connect with people and share your views is to share your experiences with people. Tell people how you’re handling this pandemic. Did you contract the virus, or do you know anyone who did, and did this affect you? Learn to be vulnerable with people. Through vulnerability, you are able to connect and grow with each other. 

Strengthening Faith

 Today is the best time to strengthen our faith. Yes, it’s hard, especially with what we are going through, but our situation is reason enough to believe in Him. The Lord will give us hope. He may not be the cure to this pandemic, but He surely will guide us to overcome this situation. Hope emanates positivity.


Positivity is not always being happy while others suffer. Being positive allows you to know that this situation will end and our world will be become stronger because of it. Today, all we can do is contribute to help people who are losing faith and hope in the Lord. The church should do every measure to make sure that its members and those all around never lose hope of Christ. Millions are infected, and thousands have died, but our Lord guaranteed us that every storm should pass and darkness is not forever. The darkness will not win, light has come.

“… not only this, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that sufferings produce endurance, endurance produces character; and character produces HOPE.” – Romans 5:3-4


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