How to Make Sermon Audio Available Online

Katie Allred

How to Make Sermon Audio Available Online

Katie Allred

Our pastors spend a lot of time writing their sermons. But for most of them, as soon as they are done with their preach, the sermon disappears. How could pastors make their sermons more impactful and transformative to their church-goers? How do you reach out to those who can’t really come to church every Sunday? One way to do this is to make your sermon audio available online! 

For people who are busy with their chores, works, or are on-the-go, offering a Sermon audio is great! Plus, it’s getting easier to make and share them nowadays. We’ve gathered resources that you could use to ensure that those sermons reach as many people as possible, with all the effort it takes to study and write your sermons every week. You’ll greatly help your pastor in spreading the message and keeping the impact alive for your congregation.



Libsyn is a podcast hosting and management service. It helps you push audio to several podcast platforms, manage monetization, and even its distribution. It is an all-around software with features such as an in-depth statistics tracker to keep track of your social media presence, podcast listeners, engagements, monetization, episode breakdowns, and more. Libsyn can push your audio sermon in several podcast streaming sites and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, etc., and they even have their own dedicated player for website embedding. 



Anchor is also a podcast hosting and distribution service, which is operated by Spotify. It allows audio embedding to your website and displays the most recent sermon/episode from your profile. It also updates your website automatically according to your profile. Anchor’s main features are the easy monetization of your podcasts with a shortcut button in your profile. They publish and distribute your podcast automatically to major streaming sites, and offer easy content creation tools so you can edit your podcast before uploading them. They also provide sponsorship deals, cover art creators, and the best of it all is that everything is for free! 



SoundCloud is a platform for social media centered around the sharing of audio tracks and podcasts. Throughout your sermon, people can listen to you and actually comment. This can be an extremely valuable way to really connect with your listeners and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Soundcloud allows the ability to share to major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more. SoundCloud makes it easy for users to access and view your podcasts. Since it’s a social media platform, friends of the users can see what they are listening to, which can mean that there’s a greater chance for your podcast audio to spread organically.



Another way of spreading your sermon through audio is via Phonelivestreaming. It is a service that uses your listeners’ telephone as a medium for listening to the podcast. This is especially helpful for those who don’t have a strong internet connection or for those who aren’t techy enough to go to streaming sites.

This software may seem like a simple service but has a few handful features like recorded custom greetings for the callers, live notifications via call, live streaming through a phone call, dedicated phone number with toll-free services, a simulated live stream where you could schedule pre-recorded streams to show at a given time, detailed stat trackers, and even upload MP3s for short announcements or more. Phonelivestreaming only has 9 slots for podcasts at a time in their library, these may only be limited but they last indefinitely until you replace them with something else. This is definitely good for storing sermons in a 2-3 month period until you replace them with newer ones.


Series Engine 2.0

Have a website made with WordPress? With Series Engine 2.0 plugin you’ll be able to powerhouse your video and audio sharing capabilities with its features. Series Engine installs in just seconds, there’s no need to code anything. Just download the plugin and you’re good to go. Series Engine’s design is very flexible to match your website’s theme. Which also allows multiple ways to connect, converse, and share content across multiple social media platforms.

There are numerous ways to edit and attach your content to messages, links, and your own website. It has a fully responsive design for various screen sizes and resolutions, a tracker for your website and content, powerful migration and integration tools, and more! Series Engine is a one-time purchase and offers a live demo and multiple tutorials so you could build your site and share your content quicker. 



As communicators, there are multiple places to get sermons online. This is essential for our churches to reach out to more people. Just look for solutions that will suit your needs, and you’ll be good to go! Just be certain to ask for feedback from your fellow church leaders and members to know what works best for you. 


For more information on podcast hosting alternatives check out this blog! 




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