Ways to Strengthen Congregational Relationships

Katie Allred

Ways to Strengthen Congregational Relationships

Katie Allred

Strengthening the congregational bond is similar to strengthening family relations and other relationships. Individually we act independently of each other. A child should grow and learn to be independent of his or her family. At some point in our life, we must learn not to live off our parents. The same way with our congregations.

Here are some ways we can strengthen the congregational bond.

Improve Communication

An effective communication system is vital in a church since the purpose of a church is to spread the word of the Lord. The body of Christ is used to influence people to pursue Christ and live according to his word.

Be of Service

Being a volunteer is a selfless act and should always be done whole-heartedly. If a person volunteers, it is best that you show them gratitude for their selfless act of kindness. It is a way to involve people and showing them the objectives and vision of your church even if they are not a member of such an institution.

Improving Leadership

The key to good leadership is to have good communication skills. A leader who can communicate effectively can manage the church properly. These tips can be helpful outside of the pulpit. Mold the youth to be future leaders who have the intention of strengthening the congregational bond.

Be Available

Avoid creating barriers with your staff. Make yourself available whenever they need help in accomplishing their duties. The key to a good working relationship is balancing friendship and authority at the same time. You can’t be a manager who just sees things from above. You must be active and engage with your staff. It is important that you are involved with them.




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