Ways To Utilize A Church Blog

Katie Allred

Ways To Utilize A Church Blog

Katie Allred

One struggle for a church is how to best utilize your website. While it may be tempting to launch your website, set it, and forget it, there’s so much more you can accomplish with your site. Sure, making sure you are visitor-focused is important. Having all of your church service times, mission, upcoming events, and everything else that describes your church is very helpful. But what about other content?

Your church website should be the hub for all things communication for your church. Social media, email, print materials, all of your communication should point people back to your website. How do you do that? Consistently add content to your website through a blog.

Here are some interesting ways to utilize a blog for your church.

Devotions and Sunday Teaching Extensions

First, your blog is the perfect space for devotional content. You can expand your authorship to other ministry leaders to hear different voices and even recruit some gifted volunteer leaders to share devotional thoughts. Honestly, can your pastor and other leaders get all they want to say out in one message on a Sunday? In fact, encourage your pastor(s) to save anything they cut from sermon prep into another document. Use that content that didn’t make the final sermon draft as an extension of Sunday’s teaching. Why waste good content?

Church Newsletter Content

We’ve heard it before. We’ve probably experienced it ourselves. The super long email that has so much information and is too difficult to sort through and has all of its pictures blocked so you don’t bother to read it. Why not cut through the clutter by moving your church newsletter content to your website. It’s easily accessible, it is sorted by date, and it doesn’t compete with other emails in an inbox.  People can then go back and easily find it. Most importantly, you will encourage your members to visit your church website again. 


Lastly, we are impacted by stories and storytelling more than any other form of communication. The emotional impact of personal stories captivates us in ways we can’t even describe most of the time. There is no better method of sharing the Gospel of Jesus than through storytelling. Why wouldn’t we emulate what Christ did most in His teaching? He used ordinary people, places, occupations, and experiences to reveal to people the very nature of God. When we hear stories of people who we are familiar with and know personally, we are impacted even more by learning how God is moving in and through your church and community. Stories are out there, you just need to find them and share them. This is probably some of the best content you can add to your church website. Publishing stories on your website on a consistent basis shows that God is active in your church.


Consistently adding content to your church’s blog will help point people in the direction of your website. Use these ideas to help you create amazing content for your blogs.




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