Ways You Can Use Your ChMS For After Event Follow-Up

Kenny Jahng

Ways You Can Use Your ChMS For After Event Follow-Up

Kenny Jahng

Church Outreach events are awesome. It is a great way to reach out to others and share the love of Christ with them. As the church, we are called to do just that – share the Gospel. 


While these events are extremely important, following up after the event is equally important. By reaching out to those who attended your event with intentional follow-up, you are sure to make a big impact. 


If you use ChMS software, you can use this to help streamline your process and follow-up strategies. Check out these three ways you can use your ChMS for after event follow-up.   


Get Feedback

If your ChMS has a survey tool, use this to get a feel for how your staff, volunteers, and others felt about the particular event. Ask them what they liked, disliked, and what could change or be improved on then next time around. By sending out a survey, you are giving them a chance to share their perspectives and creative feedback. 


One other thing to consider is sending out surveys to any sponsors or partners you may have worked with. This is important because you want to hear their opinions and if they would be interested in working together in the future. 


Send Invites

Using your “report” feature on your ChMS is a great way to view which people have attended certain events. By utilizing this you are able to get a sense of which groups in your community like what.  


By figuring out the patterns, you can then easily send targeted invites to those people about other similar events. For example, if you see there was a family who attended your Spring Easter Egg hunt, make sure to send them an invite for your Fall Trunk-Or-Treat event. Or if you see there is a lady who attended a woman’s event, make sure to invite her to your next ladies’ night out.


When you start using this “report” feature on your ChMS, you will be able to send targeted invites to your other events.   


Show Your Thankfulness

Now that your event is over, it is incredibly important to show your thankfulness to everyone who helped. 


One awesome way you can share your gratitude is by collecting some inspirational stories from your volunteers and staff, use your ChMS software to collect their emails and addresses, then send out these stories through an email expressing your thankfulness for everything they did to help. You can also send a nice letter to show your thankfulness even more. 



By utilizing the different tools that your ChMS software has, you can effectively use your data to have intentional follow-up with each individual and partner you worked with. Outreach is the perfect way to reach others, build relationships, and share the love of Jesus. However, don’t forget to have intentional follow-up after your event to continue reaching them. 


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