Using A.I. Tools in the Church

Are you wondering how to leverage A.I. tools in your church?

So, maybe you’ve heard all the buzz about A.I. in the news over the last 18 months. Perhaps you’re thinking, what is it, what impact does it have on the church, should we be using it, and is it the devil incarnate? If you’ve been asking any of those questions, are curious, convinced, or are dead set against it, we have the training for you.

Jason Moore has long been a proponent of using technology in the church. For decades, he’s led trainings on the use of media, screens, visuals, hybrids, and more. And now, he’s helping the church embrace Artificial Intelligence in ministry.

In this 2.5-hour webinar, Jason will walk you through what A.I. is, why we should be using it in the church (with theological underpinnings to back it up), how to use it (and how not to use it), and even where the ethical lines are that we should not be crossing. During the webinar, Jason will expose you to A.I. tools, help you know which are best for which scenarios, talk about copyright, ethics and do several real-time demos. We’ll also cover 10 distinct ways to use A.I. in ministry.

If you’re ready for a broad primer on A.I. to see how it could benefit your ministry, this is for you. And don’t worry, it’s not highly technical. You also won’t have to go broke with A.I. because many of the tools are free or inexpensive. Register today to see how Using A.I. tools in the church can make your ministry even more effective.

Join us for this Special Webinar

You will learn:

  • How should/shouldn't the church be using A.I.?
  • Using A.I. ethically in the church
  • Receive practical tips for using A.I. in church ministry
  • How to get started with A.I.


Special Webinar – $29.00

Get to Know Our Speaker!

Creativity, storytelling, and visual communication are evidenced by Jason Moore’s passions throughout his more than two decades of designing dynamic resources, training, coaching, and consulting for churches of all sizes, styles, and means. A childhood dream of becoming a Hollywood filmmaker shifted as Jason experienced a call to bring his gifted artistry to the church, joining the Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church staff in the 1990s.

In 2020, as the global pandemic took root, Jason instinctively shifted his work, crafting a series of groundbreaking webinars on hybrid worship design. These trainings, which combine his specialties of church communications, guest readiness and creative worship, provide practical, results-oriented applications and are being utilized across the country in The United Methodist Church, seminaries, and ecumenical groups.

The rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence that began filling news cycles in the fall of 2022 once again prompted Jason to dig deep and create cutting-edge training on the why, how and what of A.I. in the church. He has been a featured speaker at multiple conferences on A.I. and the Church, including the groundbreaking A.I. Discovery Expo as well as the Church Innovation Summit and Church Communicator Conference (each time speaking about and demonstrating practical uses of generative A.I.). His forthcoming book on the topic will be released mid-2024.

In the secular world, Jason has collaborated with several Hollywood producers in film and television and has produced numerous book trailers for New York Times best-selling authors such as Ariana Huffington, Seth Godin, Robert Greene, Ryan Holiday and Mark Ecko.
Jason, a graduate of The Modern College of Design, is the author of 12 books, a frequent keynote speaker, and a sought-after trainer.

His latest book, BOTH/AND: Maximizing Hybrid Worship Experiences for In-Person and Online Engagement, is an Amazon bestseller on how to craft truly hybrid worship experiences.

Jason Moore

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