What Churches Should Be Preparing for in 2023

Cat LaPlante

What Churches Should Be Preparing for in 2023

Cat LaPlante

For most communities, the space that was created by the 2020 pandemic is fading. We have returned to church with open doors, re-started community, and small groups, and brought new light to various church ministries. With this shift back for many and unveiled need for the ability to have services online for some, how can we prepare for 2023 to make sure that our mission in promoting the message of the gospel stays in the forefront for our communities?

We have some suggestions:

  1. Keep the opportunity for live services online.

Although many are pouring through the doors once more, the pandemic made it clear that we needed to meet people where they are with virtual services.  The bonus to this was that virtual services gave an opportunity to promote the gospel message to more people than could pour into your local doors.  The Bible is clear on the church body being extremely important. With the power of the church service is maintained when we can continue to reach those that may need to stay home from a service as well as those who live in places where they do not have a church home.

  1. Promote more small group meetings within your community

Get people communicating in person again! Speaking from my own experience, I have the most “ah ha!” moments with the scriptures when I am discussing them with other believers.  Even if the reason we are meeting is for fellowship, whenever believers get together, the Word seems to always be highlighted, even if its not spoken.  It’s the light of Jesus that dwells in us that brings the gospel to life and small community groups or meetings have a way of building relationships that will prepare everyone for a new year ahead!

  1. Identify your young leaders and engage with them

The younger generations are hungry for opportunities to lead. Gen Z-ers, Millennials, even Gen X-ers have members that are not only wanting to lead, but wanting to learn how to lead.  Engage with the young adults and youth of your church and help identify who among them would be a good fit to lead or co-lead an event or a gathering.  Reaching various demographics within the church doesn’t need to be the pastor’s job or only fall to the youth leaders, and truly, this job cannot rest only on their shoulders alone!  Bringing in and listening to the voices of the generation you are trying to meet and grow will create a healthier church for the future in any year.



What are your plans for 2023? Share them with us here!


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