What Churches Should Know About Branding & Content

Katie Allred

What Churches Should Know About Branding & Content

Katie Allred

John 1:12 says, “But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.”

We are branded as children of God. Branding is essential because it makes this institution different from others. It signifies who we are and how we are established. It is not for businesses alone. Branding is identity, and we want to be identified as children of God. By having a brand, we can focus our contents on how we live our lives as the Kingdom of God.

We are not just a building. The body of Christ was built from Christ’s blood and suffering; hence, we must identify ourselves as such.

How can we brand ourselves? What can we teach people about our identity?

The stories and challenges faced by our church are our brand. This will be the foundation of our content. His or her experiences in life define a person, and just like a person, the church’s heart will be the key to its brand. We will use our story to build our very own brand.

What is the objective of our church? What is our purpose when we decided to establish this institution?

The primary purpose of a church is always to serve the Lord by serving the people. Our mission should be specific and clear. We can focus on being an refuge for people to be fed. We are to meet the spiritual and physical needs of people in our communities.

Where do we see the church in 10 years?

Let us first serve where we are, and from there live out the great Commission. Go to the ends of the earth for the sake of the Gospel and make His glory known among all people. Create practical steps to make a difference in the community you are in, but also but mission-minded outside of where you are.

Logo and Content

This aspect of branding and creating content come from the questions asked above. Purpose, story, meaning, vision. These are all bridges you must cross before creating your logo. Express your story into figures. Your logo should depict the mission and vision of your church. The demographic of people on our site is critical when we create content. Relate to the people in your area. You don’t want to communicate in a way that is confusing or unclear to people that are in your closest proximity. Know the people so that you create content that is received well by them.


We must never take branding and content for granted because our brand and our name will be the first thing people will notice. It is our identity, and peoples’ impression of our church will be based on our story and content. Therefore, we must give an effort into our branding and content.




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