What Does “Brand” Mean?

Katie Allred

What Does “Brand” Mean?

Katie Allred

What does the word “brand” mean? It’s one of those business terms that gets thrown around a lot. But it may be a confusing concept to put into practice. First, we should define it. What does it mean to “build a brand?” What are some common misconceptions?

The Question:

Greg Vennerholm asked a similar question in the Church Communications Facebook group.

“When you say ‘brand,’ what does your pastor (or the person you’re serving) think? I’d love to know!”

The Answers:

As always, our group members were ready to provide their input. Here’s what they said:

“Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be, and who people perceive you to be.” – Shannon Mischuk 

“I’m a pastor, and I believe it means we adhere to a distinctive design across all of our promotional and marketing platforms. (I also have a communications degree and worked in marketing before becoming a pastor)” – Angie Colina McNeil

“Most people I work with mean ‘logo’ when they say brand.” – Janeen Killian Dishman 

“When people think of your church, what do they think of? That’s your brand, like it or not. It’s more than just a logo and a font.” – Jake Coonfare 

“I am a pastor! A style guide, identity, or brand guidelines are s0 helpful in all web/print/media.” – Craig Bertram 

“Could a church brand be described as, ‘how the community views you?’ Meaning if you are involved in feeding the homeless or rescuing trafficking victims, then when people think of those things, they immediately think of your church? Is that a brand?” – Stacey Zink


What do people think of when they think of your church? If that’s your brand, then it’s a super important thing to think about. We want to represent Christ with excellence in our work, and branding is no exception. Of course, it requires some creativity. Only you can know your congregation, so your church’s brand won’t look the same as the church down the street. Most importantly, you should have a goal in building your brand. Fortunately, Jesus gave us a goal. We exist to take the Gospel to all nations, baptizing them, and teaching them to obey Jesus’ commands. So let the mission of Christ be your goal, and use your brand to serve that goal.




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