What should a Good Website Look Like

Kenny Jahng

What should a Good Website Look Like

Kenny Jahng

We all find ourselves browsing websites looking for information.  Some websites draw us in immediately, while others just don’t “click.”  We may not be able to identify the elements that create an appealing website design, but we certainly recognize them.  We all want visitors, guests, and members to feel “welcomed” to our church’s website; we want them to enjoy the experience of learning about our church’s ministry and explore your website to learn more.  It really is true, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”


Here are some great ideas to consider when designing your website:


Comfortable Color Palettes

People are spending more and more time online these days – whether working remotely or attending Zoom meetings.  All of this extra time on the computer contributes to eye strain and fatigue.  Softer color palettes are making the online experience for users more comfortable and visually appealing.


Three Dimensional Colors

Give your website a modern and current feel by incorporating 3D colors and images.  Implementing color gradients with fine shading will add that unique 3D aspect.  This will add life and depth to your website.


The Use of White Space

The use of white space or negative space intentionally declutters a website page.  Having fewer elements on the page allows the user to truly focus on the message you are presenting.


Dark mode

Dark mode is a trend that seeks to make the user’s web experience more comfortable.  This not only reduces eyestrain, but it also makes colors and graphics more vibrant.


Abstract Art Compositions

Abstract art compositions can create energy on your website by giving it a sense of vibrancy.  Often these graphics utilize warm and energetic colors.


Try a Trending Font

Why not give a new font a try?  Sometimes even a small change can make a big impact on your website.  Try a retro-style font that evokes nostalgia, an outline font, or even a hand lettering font.  Don’t overlook the small details in web design.


Two More Ideas

While these trends may not impact the look of your site, they do impact the interaction and time spent on your site.  Consider offering an interactive feature for users to participate in an online poll, answer a question, or take a quiz.  Also, consider interactive scrolling on your site.  This also allows the user to interact and participate with your site.  It can be as simple as a color change, or as complex as a page change. Check out Apple’s website for a great example of interactive scrolling.



Planning and designing your church’s website doesn’t have to be complicated.  Just implementing one or two of these ideas can breathe fresh life into your website and give it the up-to-date and appealing look you want.




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