What’s the Difference between Facebook Live and Facebook Watch Party?

Katie Allred

What’s the Difference between Facebook Live and Facebook Watch Party?

Katie Allred

Many churches are utilizing the many features that Facebook offers, including Facebook Live. But, there is also this feature on Facebook called “Watch Party.” Although the two have similar features, they should not be confused as the same thing. So, what’s the difference? 

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is an online live video streaming feature that provides users a way to interact with fellow users in real-time. When Facebook users go live, their followers are notified. This feature allows their audiences to react and comment during the broadcast, which is seen by the host and those who stream it, too. A Facebook Live can last up to four hours long and is saved and published to your Page or Timeline afterward for on-demand viewing. 

Just like events, Live videos need to generate interest from followers first so that they could gain viewers as well. You could promote it beforehand and let your followers know that there will be a broadcast that would happen. After all, communication is a must for our congregations and us. 

Facebook Watch Party

Watch Party, on the other hand, gives a new way for Facebook users to watch videos together in real-time, too.  Once a Watch Party is made, viewers can watch videos and interact with each other in real-time, may it be a live video or recorded. All this interaction and shared viewing experiences happen on a single screen only.

Users could create a Watch Party from their News Feed or Timeline, on Pages, on Groups, or from any video on Facebook that they’re currently watching. The “Watch Party” button is located at the bottom of any video on Facebook. This feature is not limited to one footage only; it lets users add multiple videos by making a queue of videos that will play one after the other. Creators of the Watch Party can also add co-hosts to allow them to control the Party. 


The difference between these two features is that Facebook Live broadcasts new videos captured in real-time. At the same time, Watch Party gives an option to use Facebook videos and other live broadcasts that already exist in the platform and create a live viewing session of your own. 

Facebook is one of the most commonly used communication platforms available online. In times like this, we can utilize its features like Facebook Live and Watch Party to continue to reach out and provide services to your congregation.




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