Where Do Communicators Find Creative Inspiration?

Katie Allred

Where Do Communicators Find Creative Inspiration?

Katie Allred

As church communicators, we understand the struggle with finding inspiration when we are creatively drained. If we give up every time we have creative block or hit a wall, then we’d be probably not accomplish much. Fortunately, we’re continuously learning how to deal with it along the way.  A question was raised in our group regarding where to get creative inspirations, ‘Where do communicators find creative inspiration?’ We’ve obtained various answers—ranging from different activities that they do to a few websites they get inspiration from. Here are some of the comments from the discussion. 


This (Church Communications Facebook)  group.” Malea Lee

“I generally go outside my denomination/ circles to look and see what’s working elsewhere that hasn’t caught on in my “neighborhood.” Billy Elder

“Nature. Go take a walk.” Joel Higginbotham

“Favorite album covers, or concert posters….” Clayton Welch

“I read Communication Arts magazines. Old school hard copies. Always amazing ideas.” Cheryl Brunkow

Ligonier Ministries has some fantastic design work. They don’t follow trends like a lot of evangelical ministries do. Creative Market is another good resource. You don’t need to buy anything; browse their stuff, and you’ll see a lot of great designs to inspire you.” Jay Adcock

“Depends on what it is for, but usually, Behance!” Jennifer Eckenwiler

“Canva templates” Stephanie Peterson.

Designspiration or Dribbble.” Keith Raimondi and they even have links to the fonts they use. For just inspiration, you can look around for free. But if you want PSD files and stuff, then yes, you have to sign up.” Porter Cyr

“Pro Church Media Community on Facebook… Getty Images / Unsplash.” Cade Embery

“I keep and build a few Pinterest boards of stellar design in all kinds of media: old travel or movie posters (especially where the primary language is not English), album covers, matchbooks, etc. If I’m hitting a block, I’ll go on there and sift through…” Brigitta Patterson


The essential thing we could do is to not give in to the creative block we experience. We could get out there; we just have to look for it and never give up.  With enough patience, we will get there. We hope this helps you communicators find creative inspiration.


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