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Who Do I Hire For My Next Job Opening?

Kenny Jahng

Who Do I Hire For My Next Job Opening?

Kenny Jahng

If you work for a church, you want the best solutions out there.


It can be tough to research and compare all the options available. You know the right providers must be out there somewhere, but you’re worried about making the wrong commitments. 


When you use, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to find the perfect providers. Compare vendors and contractors and find the ideal products, courses, and services, while skipping all the stressful research. 


We want to provide you with the best options available. Our vendors understand the unique needs of churches and will work with you to develop the best solutions possible in order to help you and your church reach others.  

Communitas Technologies

The Communitas Platform is a new approach to church software that helps churches and faith-based organizations move beyond Sundays and engage their communities in both the physical and digital worlds we all live in each day of the week. 


With the Communitas Platform, you are equipped with modern tools to help your congregation navigate their complex worlds and live better lives by creating more personalized ministry opportunities to meet their unique needs.


MediaShout’s goal is to provide a tool that enhances church services by being able to create presentations faster and in a more creative way. Most importantly, our mission is to take care of you like you’re family! For the last 20 years, these two principles have guided everything we do.


The soul of our company is creating tools that help the church and treating customers like family.

Text In Church

Text In Church believes it should be easy to reach more people with technology. That’s why we built an easy-to-use tool that lets you engage people in a way that is familiar to them. Your members don’t need another app or signup process; they just want to easily communicate with their church family through texts and emails when it fits into their busy lives.


Church leaders use our platform every week, but spend less time managing tools and more time building relationships. 


Don’t waste resources on complicated tools. And don’t waste your valuable time frustrated by a lack of connection and commitment from your church community. Instead, use Text In Church… a solution designed to help your first-time guests come back, keep your members engaged, and encourage more people to grow in their faith.

The Church Operations Toolkit

Over the last decade-plus, The Church Operations Toolkit team consulted with various churches, worked with a multitude of church-focused businesses, and developed content to serve church leaders. From writing for several ministry-focused publications to publishing three books, they are committed to providing practical resources to church operations leaders.


Church Operations Toolkit will share the best tips, lessons learned, templates, and shortcuts to make the behind-the-scenes aspects of ministry easier and less time-consuming. They offer help in these areas: Church management software, finances, human resources, project management, insurance, volunteer management, and so much more!  

Ministry Designs

Our vision is to improve the way churches and ministries operate, communicate, and engage by providing transformative tech solutions that enable growth and success in the digital age.


The breadth of our technology and services enables ministries to administer their membership, collect and manage donations, foster engagement, and expand the Gospel through cutting-edge content. 


We provide technology for church administration, worship planning, accounting and financials. Our solutions also include online giving, payment solutions, background screening, websites, live streaming, and communications.


You need a community that helps you become better at your job. The problem is you are swamped and the expectations on you are incredibly high—this makes you feel overwhelmed and overlooked. We believe you shouldn’t have to do ministry alone. That’s why we created, so you can search, compare and connect with providers that can meet your church’s needs. Start searching today –!


If you and your business are interested in listing your business with you, check out this link today!





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