Why Churches Should Use Facebook

Katie Allred

Why Churches Should Use Facebook

Katie Allred

With many features that Facebook has to offer for its users, many churches have gone and utilized this platform to engage with their congregation and their communities. Despite the large reach Facebook has, there are still lots of churches that do not use this platform. In this situation, a question is always raised—as a church, why should churches use Facebook?


Facebook, along with most other social media platforms, is an extension of an existing organization. Facebook is built for community connection. It is growing to be one of the best forms of building communities and a great way to connect with church members, as well as people in your community. Pastors are able to reach his flock and shepherd them further than just Sunday mornings. Reaching people where they are is the easy answer.


Facebook is shifting the effectiveness of communication. Before it was written, the Gospel was spread by mouth. Then came the printing press and audio recordings of sermons, and video and television. We are now living in the age of social media and websites. We should take hold of this new form of communicating the Gospel and do it well. As culture changes, we must create our own changes to better communicate our purpose as the Church.  

Community Events

Creating events on Facebook is a great opportunity to reach people in your community. Promoting events and links to register for those events are super easy to do on Facebook. You must use this platform to engage your community and create avenues to reach your congregation, but more importantly, new and unchurched people.

Creative Mission

Because our purpose is to carry out the Great Commission and reach the lost, we can’t expect the lost to meet us where we are. We are to go to them, just as Jesus did. Facebook is filled full of lost people, and we can be a light in the darkness on this social media platform. God has skilled us with His creative heart. In turn, we should utilize this creativeness that he has given us for the sake of the Kingdom. 20 years ago, reaching people through the internet would have been an absurd idea. As creative people, but more importantly as the body of Christ, we should embrace these technological advances and live on the creative mission. 

Closing Thoughts

Facebook is where most people are. With over 2.7 billion users worldwide, it’s evident that it is one of the most efficient communication tools that we could utilize as a church. Given this tool, we must equip it to our benefits and reach as many people as we can. This is why churches should us Facebook. It does not stop in just being able to use it for our churches; we also have to know how to use it. If we don’t use every avenue in which eradicate darkness and illuminate light, then we’re not being the most active hands and feet of Jesus. 




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