Why Your Church Should Use Facebook Ads

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In the past, if you wanted to advertise your church to your community, you had three main options: Mailers, newspaper ads, or radio spots. Check out any of the major church growth books of the 1980s and 1990s, and you’ll likely find mentions of these advertising techniques.

And they worked!

Many churches started out and grew using these solutions. Some churches still find success with those methods, but there’s a better option: Facebook.

What makes Facebook such an ideal advertising option today?

  1. It’s cheaper. If you’re like most churches, you need to make your advertising budget stretch. To reach a thousand people through direct mail, you’ll need to spend $57. Through a newspaper, you’ll spend $16. Through radio, you’ll spend $10. But if you want to reach 1,000 people through social media, you’ll typically spend just $2.50.

Your dollar goes further with Facebook. You can either put that money toward projects or back into advertising to reach more people.

  1. It’s targeted. Unlike nearly all other forms of traditional advertising, you have an almost unlimited ability to market your message to specific audiences. If you want to focus an ad on women in their twenties, you can do that. If you want to advertise an event for single dads, you can publish ads on Facebook so that only single dads will see it.

Targeting allows you to create ads that specifically attract certain audiences and allows you to lean on the platform’s incredible understanding of your community—from their demographics, to their interests, to their web-surfing history.

  1. It’s mobile. Most people aren’t sitting down at a desktop computer accessing their Facebook feed. During the five hours the average person spends on their phone every day, they’re continuously checking Facebook.

Facebook ads allow you to communicate with your community where they are today—on their mobile devices.

The free ebook from Pushpay, 27 Plug-And-Play Facebook Ad Templates That Will Grow Your Church, is designed to give you ready-to-use templates for future ads. You’ll find 27 different options that will fit almost any ad need you have.

Before you get started with Facebook ads

Before you start working on Facebook ads for your church, make sure you have these five things.

  1. Facebook ad budget. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to developing an ad budget. It varies based on the size of your overall budget and the specific audiences you’re trying to engage through the ads. Small businesses typically budget between $500- $1,500 for Facebook ads monthly.
  2. Excellent copy. We’ve designed these 27 Facebook ad templates to help you create great copy. Remember, they’re just a start; you’ll have to customize the copy based on what you believe will best engage your community/audience.
  3. A compelling image. The most important part of your ad is your image. Remember, most people will see your ad while they’re scrolling through their newsfeed—they’re not on Facebook to look at social ads. You have to grab people’s attention. The responsibility of doing that will fall mostly on your image.

Your best option for finding photos is to assign someone (maybe a budding photographer) to regularly take photos of church events and services. You can also find websites that offer free or low-cost images eg. Unsplash or Creative Commons.

  1. A strong call to action: Your ad will only provide value for your church if it sends people to a place that allows them to take some sort of action like register for an event, access a new devotional, or donate. Ensure any links in your ad open directly to the place where you’d like that person to go and that any next steps you want people to take nurtures them toward a deeper relationship with your church. For instance, you may want to nurture your Easter guests by running ads that send people to your connections or new believers class as a next step.
  2. Clarity on who you’re targeting: Take time to think about the kind of person you want to reach. Be as specific as you can. Maybe your church is best equipped to reach single, young professionals or maybe you reach single parents best. Whoever your church reaches most effectively, target that audience for your social ads.

Facebook is an excellent way to reach people in your church community. Why? Because everyone uses it. Tap into that online platform to better reach people and experience healthy, sustainable growth at your church.

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