Church Merch: Trendy Custom Apparel Your Community Will Love

colleen-mccaffrey Colleen

Church Merch: Trendy Custom Apparel Your Community Will Love

colleen-mccaffrey Colleen

Chances are, you work in church communications. Maybe you’re a youth group leader. Possibly you’re in charge of ordering matching t-shirts for your bible study group, or you need to fundraise for a mission trip and are searching for the perfect apparel to spread your message.
Shopping around for custom church apparel can feel overwhelming regardless of the situation- we know many apparel options exist, and it might be a pain point when deciding what garments are best for your designs.
Real Thread has been in the custom apparel industry since 2009, and we’ve helped churches and organizations with custom apparel orders since the beginning.
We narrowed down some current church apparel trends- read along to learn about some options you and your community are sure to love.

Pocket Tees

Ahh, the humble pocket t-shirt. Classic. Comfortable. You can’t go wrong.
Pocket tees may be a good option for church merchandise, especially if customized with a design or message relevant to the church’s mission or values. A great option is the Bella + Canvas 3021 Unisex Jersey Pocket Tee.
Pocket tees are a type of T-shirt with a pocket on the chest, usually on the left side. The pocket can be a blank canvas for customization, allowing for a creative and unique design that can represent the church’s identity or message.
These t-shirts may be particularly popular among younger audiences who appreciate casual and comfortable clothing with a stylish twist. They can be worn as a statement piece or as part of a more casual and relaxed outfit, making them versatile and appealing to many.

Boxy T-Shirts

Generally speaking, boxy, oversized t-shirts have become exceedingly popular over time in the church merch world. Youth groups, worship leaders, and average churchgoers alike are rocking these cozy tees.
They are often popular for custom church apparel because they provide a modest and comfortable option for those who attend church services. They’re also great for representing your congregation in a casual, day-to-day outfit!  Boxier styles typically offer more coverage and a looser fit. Boxy tees are a cozy and comfortable option for most people!
Additionally, boxy shirts are popular for church apparel because they can be easily customized with religious imagery or messaging. Many churches may print inspirational quotes or Bible verses on these shirts, making them a popular choice for churchgoers who want to wear clothing that expresses their faith.

Trucker Hats

Trucker hats are baseball caps that became popular in the 1980s and 1990s but have made a trend resurgence in recent years. They are characterized by mesh back panels, which provide ventilation and make them comfortable in hot weather. The front panels are usually foam and often printed with logos, slogans, or images.
Trucker hats with customized designs featuring the church’s name, logo, or message could be a popular and trendy option, especially among younger Gen Z and Millennial audiences.

Whether you have these hats printed or embroidered, they are a comfortable, casual, and stylish merch option for your congregation. Perfect for youth groups, worship teams, mission trips, and more.

Dad Caps

Dad hats have recently become a popular option for custom church apparel. These hats are typically unstructured with a curved brim and a low profile, making them comfortable and easy to wear. They often feature a strap-back closure, which allows for a more adjustable fit.
These hats can be customized with various designs and messaging, making them popular for churches looking to create unique and personalized items for their congregation, whether that’s your church’s logo or a beloved bible verse.
Dad hats are versatile and can be worn by people of all ages and genders, making them a great option for churches that want to offer merchandise that appeals to a wide range of members. They can be worn casually or dressed up for church services and can even be used to promote the church or organization outside the church setting.
Overall, dad hats can be a great addition to custom church apparel, offering a trendy and personalized option for church-goers looking to show their support and affiliation with their community.

Tote Bags

Tote bags can be a great option for church merchandise as they are practical, versatile, and environmentally friendly. Customized tote bags with a design or message that reflects the church’s mission or values can serve as useful and meaningful items for the church and its community members.
Tote bags are often used as a reusable alternative to plastic bags, making them an eco-friendly option for carrying groceries, books, or other items. Customized tote bags with the church’s logo or message can also serve as a way to promote the church’s brand and mission and can be given out at events or used as a fundraising item.
When designing tote bags for church merchandise, it’s important to consider the target audience and the purpose of the merchandise. The design should be attractive, functional, and reflect your message. The bags should be made of durable, high-quality materials to withstand frequent use.

Now that you’ve learned about some popular church apparel trends, are you inspired?

When designing and marketing church apparel, it’s important to consider the values and mission of the church and ensure that the products align with them.
Whether you need 20 tote bags or 2000 t-shirts for your church, we’ll handle the embroidery and screen printing!
Our team of printing pros and product specialists is here to help you determine what garments are best for you and your church community’s needs- we’ll be here when you need us.
You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.




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